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Instrumentation for Polymer Scientists and Plastics Research


DACA Instruments was founded in 1993 to provide polymer scientists micro-scale polymer processing instruments which would enable them to significantly speed-up the discovery-to-product process. To fulfill this mission we have created a series of instruments which duplicate the behavior of the standard commercial machines while using very small quantities of polymer (<5g). The company's principals are Alejandro Andreatta and Chris Knudson.

In order to find new polymers or polymer blends with special commercial properties like impact resistance, strength, electrical conductivity, biodegradability, etc., thousands of experiments are usually required. Currently available processing equipment require large quantities of materials which are often difficult and very costly to produce. These high costs often severely delay the development and commercialization of new materials or new polymer blends. Sometimes, the costs of testing potentially interesting new materials are prohibitively high, so that applications of novel chemical compounds are never explored.

Until now, it has been difficult to miniaturize standard equipment and maintain the necessary parameters to handle, for example, the high viscosity of polymer melts and solutions while maintaining mixing and compounding efficiencies. Commercially available small-scale compounders still require several kilograms per hour of polymer to operate properly.

DACA Instruments' micro-scale apparatus compound or otherwise manipulate small test quantities of polymer materials in a very precise and repeatable way. This ability to work with small quantities of materials significantly speeds experimentation time thereby producing better results at a significant cost savings.

Our current product line is specifically designed for the most common processes in polymer research: polymer compounding, extrusion, injection molding, and fiber production. In all cases we have designed instruments which are capable at performing these processes with about 5 grams of material while achieving results equal to those of production machines requiring several kilograms per hour of polymer.

We invite you to browse this on-line catalog to familiarize yourself with our products. Fill out the Info Request Form and we will forward you a price quote or any additional information you require. Or just call us and we will be happy to help you make you polymer research faster, more efficient, and cost effective.

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