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Instrumentation for Polymer Scientists and Plastics Research


From this page you can download the operation manuals for all our instruments. These manuals will give you additional information on the capabilities and use of the instruments. The manuals are stored in Adobe PDF format. You must have the ACROBAT Reader 3.0 software to read them. This software can be obtained free from ADOBE's web site.


MicroCompounder Manual 2001.pdf ver 1.0 (900K)

MC Accessories Manual.pdf ver 1.0 (470K)

MicroInjector Manual.pdf ver 3.0 (560K)

SpinLine Manual.pdf ver 3.1 (530K)

TRIBOTRAK Manual.pdf ver 2.5 (240K)

GlassMixer manual.pdf ver 1.0 (80K)


Older manuals, for machines built before 2001

MicroCompounder Manual.pdf ver 3.1 (350K)

MicroInjector Manual.pdf ver 2.3 (570K)

SpinLine Manual.pdf ver 2.5 (310K)


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