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With the MicroCompounder, DACA Instruments has combined the intensive mixing of a twin-screw extruder with the small sample requirements of a batch compounder to make a versatile mixer that is extremely valuable to any polymer research facility investigating new, high performance polymers, polymer blends, additives, compounding, or, generally, the processing of highly viscous materials.

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Intensive Mixing
The MicroCompounder is designed to mimic the mixing behavior of large, co-rotating, twin-screw compounding machines, while offering precise control of mixing temperature and speed. In addition to its small size, the MicroCompounder is clearly in a class by itself with its unique recirculation channel which provides for uncoupled residence time of the material processed (follow this link for an animated explanation). In standard twin-screw compounders, residence time is determined by screw length and limited by mechanical constraints. In contrast, DACA’s MicroCompounder allows indefinite recirculation of stock allowing for highly intensive mixing of 5cc of material.

MicroCompounder Barrel
Split Barrel Design
Also, the split barrel design allows for complete access to the inside of the mixer which simplifies thorough cleaning and minimizes sample contamination from experiment to experiment. Operation and cleaning of the MicroCompounder is so simple that it is possible to perform a complete experiment every 15 minutes.

Data Collection and Control
The instrument can be controlled either from the console or a computer. The software included with the system is capable of governing the temperature and speed of the compounding process, while recording the resulting motor torque and “melt pressure”. Computer ScreenThe data collected can be used to derive rheological properties of the polymer(s) being compounded. The included software creates temperature and speed ramps to study the effect of processing temperature and mixing speed on the viscosity of the polymer. Exporting the collected data allows further analysis and plotting with other software. The standard RS-232 interface connects easily to most Windows and Mac OS based computers. (Computer NOT included)

Ultimate Versatility
For additional versatility, the MicroCompounder can be easily coupled with DACA Instruments’ MicroInjector to create a powerful materials development system.

The MicroCompounder includes the following items:

  • Standard barrel and 1 set of screws (5 cc capacity)
  • Electronically controlled motor with speed readout (0-360 RPM)
  • Dual temperature controller
  • Digital axial load (pressure) readout
  • Digital torque (motor current) readout
  • All tools to operate and clean the instrument
  • 1 kg cleaning compound

The separate console is equipped with all of the control and instrumentation elements necessary for easy monitoring and operation of the instrument. This console can be connected to a computer via the standard RS-232 interface.

Options available for purchase include:

For additional information read the Technical Specifications or download the operation manual.


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