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Picture of Heaters ModuleThe Heaters Module is an independent unit which only requires electrical power. As such it is optional and can be left out of the set up if the filament drawing (stretching) process requires no heating.
There are two independent heaters in the heater unit: a small round Hot Pin and a long Hot Shoe. There are two filament guides provided with the unit and they can be placed in any of the threaded positions found on the unit.
There is one position at each end of the Hot Shoe and eight positions on each side of the Hot Pin. The different positions around the Hot Pin permit control of the length of filament in contact with the hot surface during stretching.

Technical Specifications
(subject to change without notice)

115 or 220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 3 Amp, 1 phase

Temp. Controller: Eurotherm 94, Digital Auto Tune PID, Closed loop
Thermocouple: Pin: K Type, Shoe: K Type
Heater: Pin: 225W, Shoe: 150W

Dimensions: 53 cm W x 33 cm D x 38 cm H (21" W x 13" D x 15" H)
Weight: 18 Kg (40 lb)

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