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DACA Instruments' SpinLine is a multipurpose instrument designed to orient small quantities of polymer fibers in a precise and controlled way. The equipment employs computer controlled piston extruder, supply and take up rolls, heating elements, and a winder, to accurately control fiber drawing speed, draw ratio, and drawing temperature. The modules can be configured to perform hot or cold drawing of the filaments using 80 mm godets which can generate 7.1 Nm of torque. The speed of the godets can be controlled accurately from 0.1 to 700 m/min. The speed of the traverse guide on the winder module is independently controlled to produce a variety of filament overlap patterns. The spacing between adjacent filaments can be controlled from 0.5 mm to 27 mm. This module uses standard 81 mm OD plastic spools but can accommodate spools from 25 mm to 75 mm ID. The heater module provides heating of the filament during hot or cold drawing operations.


High-Pressure Piston Extruder

(Tall unit on Right)

This instrument is a computer controlled, piston-driven extruder for polymer melts, polymer solutions, or more generally, any kind of highly viscous fluid. The apparatus is particularly useful for the production of miniature size samples of fibers, without the need for optimization of continuous extrusion parameters. The extrusion speed (piston downwards speed) can be precisely controlled from 0.01 mm/min to 100 mm/min. The maximum volume of the standard barrel is 8 cc and it is temperature controlled to 400°C. Several dies are available for fiber spinning applications.

There are two additional optional barrels which hold 5 cc and 10 cc plastic syringes to process highly corrosive fluids at low temperatures. A specialty alloy barrel is also available for processing corrosive melts.

The base instrument was designed to accommodate several expansions which will enhance its use and value. These additions will include a single screw extruder attachment, and a capillary rheometer module.

Because of its modular design, the SpinLine can be ordered in several configurations:

  • Complete system as shown on the cover.
  • The Piston Extruder can be omitted from the system. In this case an additional Godet can be added to the system. (An additional unit to house the computer controller is required.)
  • The Piston Extruder can be ordered individually.


  • Barrels for the Piston Extruder that hold plastic syringes (5cc or 10cc) to handle corrosive fluids.
  • Special spinneret plates for multiple filaments, or wet spinning.
  • Rheometer attachment for the Piston Extruder (under development).
  • Coagulation baths and evaporation chambers for wet spinning.

For additional information download the operation manual.


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